Warm apples with vanilla sauce, ice cream and chantilly cream

As with a lot of dishes, I got the idea for it when I saw something like it on the menu somewhere, and thought it was a great idea to try and make at home. Warm and sticky apples, a lovely rich vanilla sauce, contrasting cold vanilla or cinnamon ice-cream, finished with a generous dot of chantilly cream: a big bowl of comfort, indulgence and deliciousness. I cheated by buying a good ice-cream (my ice cream machine and I still don’t get along very well), but if you want to make it yourself, this is the thing to start with because it takes the longest. Next, make the vanilla sauce. You could either make a custard, or a pastry cream with a bit more milk to make it thinner. The custard will be thinner/runnier than the pastry cream, it is up to you which you prefer. Then, prepare your apples. Choose a variety of apple that will holds its shape when heated, I’ve done it successfully with jonagold, elstar, pink lady, royal gala, braeburn, jazz and granny smith, so basically it will work with most apples. This is a great way to use up apples that are a bit over their prime. Peel and core, then slice them either in wedges or in cubes. Heat a frying pan, throw in the apples, and fry until the apples have a nice golden colour. Stir regularly, because they tend to catch and burn quite quickly. Turn the heat down to soften the apples a bit further, and add a knob of butter and a sprinkling of brown sugar to make them nice and sticky. Keep cooking until the apples are tender and the sugar has dissolved. Meanwhile, make the chantilly cream by whipping cream with some sugar (1-2 tbsp for 250 ml) and vanilla extract (1/2 tsp for 250 ml) or seeds from a vanilla bean (1/2 bean per 250 ml). Serve by scooping the apples into bowls, and topping them with a pouring of vanilla sauce, a scoop of ice-cream and a dollop of chantilly cream. Enjoy!

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