The best investment ever is my combined tosti (grilled sandwich) and waffle machine. Usually my bread goes stale quite fast, which is not a problem if you make a tosti of it. And waffles are the best thing to have for breakfast in the weekends! Crisp on the outside and nice and fluffy in the inside.
I usually serve them with butter and powdered sugar, or jam. And if you want to be decadent, prepare a chocolate sauce (for example some chocolate molten in evaporated milk).

Usually I make the waffles with ordinary milk, but a good alternative is coconut milk. I always have some cans in the pantry, since you can keep them for a long time. Then I always have backup when my milk is gone sour again. By using coconut milk the waffles are very nice and fluffy (even more than normal) and even golden brown.


Waffles (enough to fill my waffle maker once, making 2 waffles)

From the Margriet Kookboek
65 g self rising flour
cinnamon (or vanilla)
10 g sugar
1 egg
50 milk (or coconut milk)
25 g butter

Combine the butter and the milk. Microwave for a while, then mix with a whisk until the butter is molten. Add the salt, cinnamon, sugar and egg. Whisk well, until a little frothy. Add the flour. Mix with a big spoon. At first the mixture will be lumpy, but after mixing vigorously it will be fine. Spoon the batter in the waffle machine, bake until golden.

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