US versus UK names

A handy reference, certainly because I tend to mix them up because I’m not a UK/US native speaker and read a lot from both countries. To make it more difficult, Australians also have different names for a lot of these ingredients…

UK                             US
Aubergine                    Eggplant
Bicarbonate of soda     Baking soda
Broad beans                Fava beans
Celeriac                      Celery root
Chickpeas                   Garbanzo beans
Chicory                      Endive
Coriander                   Cilantro
Cornflour                    Cornstarch
Courgette                   Zucchini
Double cream              Whipping cream
French/green beans     String beans
Groundnut oil              Peanut oil
Haricot beans             Navy beans
Icing sugar                 Confectioners’ sugar
Pepper (capsicum)       Bell pepper/paprika
Polenta                      Cornmeal
Rapeseed oil               Canola oil
Rocket                      Arugula
Soya                        Soy
Spring onion              Scallion
Swede                      Rutabaga
Treacle                     Molasses

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