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Garden Update March

Spring is in the air, so it is time to get into the garden again. We had a garden makeover, so this year we have a lot more space to grow the things we want to grow. I think it will be amazing! Most of the work at the moment is inside, I did a lot of planning and sowed a few trays full of all kinds of different herbs and vegetables.



Garden Update Week 23

Things go reasonably well in the garden, but it’s a good thing the weather will get better in a few days. Last year I was already harvesting all kinds of vegetables at this time of the year, now it will take at least a few more weeks before things are ready.


The courgette and tomato plants are really sad because of the weather. I hope they revive a bit when the weather gets hotter.


Protection against digging wild boars kitties

Garden Update Week 22



We currently have a cold spell around here, with rather cold night temperatures. The courgette ain’t liking it, but courageously still tries to bloom.


Seedlings: lettuce, cavolo nero, rainbow chard


Loads of rosebuds, I am looking forward to them opening.


Teeny tiny kohlrabi


Seedlings: dill, coriander, chervil, summer savoury

Garden Update Week 20

I’ve planted out all the seedlings, and sowed some seeds as well. We had a nice bit of rain last night and the temperature is good, so I hope the seedlings will take root and the seeds will germinate soon. The herbs are growing well, and I’ve sown some new herbs as well, but it is a really difficult part of the garden to make nice photographs, so maybe next week.

Rainbow carrot and chioggia beet seedlings.

Rainbow carrot and chioggia beet seedlings.

Round courgette and cherry tomato.

Round courgette and cherry tomato.

Purple kohlrabi and sugar snaps (climbing)

Purple kohlrabi and sugar snaps (climbing)

Sunflower (herbstschönheit) seedlings, and lettuce, cavolo nero and rainbow chard sown.

Sunflower (herbstschönheit) seedlings, and lettuce, cavolo nero and rainbow chard sown.

Garden Update Week 19

Everything is growing well. I will be starting to hardening off some plants this week, since the outside temperature seems to stay high enough.
The chilli plants have lots and lots of buds and flowers and small fruit, so I’m expecting to have a generous harvest.
I’m really curious about the strawberries in the hanging bag. I’ve had strawberry plants already for a few years, but the harvest always has been small. I hope this growing method will give me a lot more fruit. The plants seem to have settled in quite well, that’s a good sign for now.




Garden Update Week 18

The weather is getting nicer, stuff is growing well and the vegetable patch slowly gets it’s shape.



Purple kohlrabi and climbing sugar snaps

Garden Update Week 17

Most of the things that I’ve sown 2 weeks ago grow really well. Unfortunately, I had to throw out most of the seedlings that I sowed earlier, as they became terribly mouldy. I hope this batch survives until they can go outside. Usually they do fine then.
I also obtained a lemongrass plant, a curry leaf plant and an pandan plant. You can buy these herbs, but it is more tasty to grow them myself. Also, I’m not using it a lot, so I don’t have to worry about it laying around in the pantry and having to finish it before it spoils. Unfortunately I haven’t found a kaffir lime leaf/djeroek poeroet plant yet, but that may come.


Garden update week 15

The seeds I’ve sown last week are starting to sprout. I’ve good hope most of them will come up, even the sunflowers from the seeds I harvested myself last year. Meanwhile we’re busy outside to make a bit of the garden ready for the vegetables to be planted out to.


Garden Update Week 14

Like I did last year, I used the seeds of a tomato from the supermarket to grow tomato plants. This can be risky, because not all plants are suitable for our climates; also, if the seeds are from an F1 hybrid, they might grow into something yucky. But with these tomatoes, it worked perfectly. I had lovely strong plants with loads of flowers and tomatoes, that tasted really well (even better than the same species from the supermarket). I’ve sown 6 seeds, only 2 have germinated. Since I only want 2 plants (I don’t need more tomatoes than that), this is fine. They are still very tiny (the tiny seedlings in the larger containers on the left), but I’m sure they will develop into strong plants.


I’ve also sown most of the other vegetables I want in our garden this year. I always try to sow 1 seed in 1 container, so that I can transplant the whole thing including the earth, instead of having to disturb the roots. I sow vegetables that I transplant as small seedlings (like carrot and beet) in the divided trays, vegetables that I grow until they are a bit larger (like tomato and courgette) in empty yoghurt pots that I collect especially for that purpose. I grow them indoors until I like their size, then I harden them off before planting them outside on their final spot.


Garden Update Week 13

Most seeds have germinated, so I have a lot of seedlings. I’ve not yet decided if I will thin or transplant, but I’ll have to soon, because they get quite crowded. Probably a bit of both, I don’t need 20 heads of lettuce and won’t have the place to grow 10 broccoli plants. But it is a bit early to put the seedlings outside, they need to grow a bit bigger and the weather needs to be a bit warmer, so I’ll need to transplant the the seedlings I want to keep to separate containers.


My chilli plants survived the winter reasonably well. Apparently, they are perennial in hot climates, but in our cold climate it is hard to get them trough the winter indoors without having them dying from a fungus or lack of light. I’m glad I managed, because the chilli’s are delicious (but very hot). The plants have a lot of flower buds, so I’ve good hopes that I can harvest chilli’s again quite soon.