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Banana milkshake/ice

Delicious, fast, easy, healthy and filling!

Banana milkshake/ice
Inspired on the BBC show Saturday Kitchen
frozen banana
milk (full fat, half fat, skimmed, soy, rice… what you prefer)
vanilla (optional)
sugar/honey/other sweetener (optional)

Blend the frozen banana with the milk. With a small amount of milk you will get a soft ice-cream, with more milk you will get a milkshake. You can also add cream, yoghurt and other fruits as variations.

Banana-blueberrie smoothie

Another nice drink. I wanted to have something sweet, but I didn’t want something to un-healthy. So I used one of the much to ripe banana’s from the fruit bowl to make a nice drink. I added some milk, to give a nice consistency, and frozen blueberries. It tastes very good, actually like I added some ice-cream. I like that! Things tasting more like delicious food but being actually kinda healthy.

This isn’t really a recipe, because I just combined 1 banana, some milk and some blueberries in a blender. I wasn’t happy with the result so I added some more blueberries and blended again. So just throw some fruit together, taste and add some more things if you don’t like the taste.

A perfect refreshment for hot weather

This recipe is a perfect refreshment for hot days. Here in the Netherlands, the sun is shining, nice and hot, so a cool drink is a nice accompaniment when your sitting on your balcony, studying. It also makes a great, simple dessert.

I like coffee, I like ice-cream, I like sweet things, I like whipped cream, so I mixed it all together. It gives a very nice milkshake. I also tried to make home-made hazelnut ice-cream, which went horribly wrong. It tasted ok, but it really needs some tweaking.

For this recipe I was inspired by one of my favourite coffee bars. They make milkshakes like these in the summer. But I think mine are better, because I don’t put chocolate syrup (It makes the milkshake overly sweet) and ice cubes (I don’t want to dilute all those nice flavours!) in mine.

Hazelnut-coffee milkshake (2 big glasses)

4 scoops of hazelnut ice-cream
2 shots espresso
4 shots milk
whipped cream

Put the ice-cream, espresso and milk in a blender. Blend. Pour in two big glasses. Garnish with whipped cream (optional: some chocolate sprinkles). Drink immediately.