Sweet cream cheese dip

Recipe for a light, but still very indulgent dessert, easy to make and with lots of variations possible. I like to use philadelphia light for this, since it tastes just like the full fat variant, but still packs a lot less calories. Other light cream cheeses tend to taste bland, acidic and watery, which doesn’t work in a dessert that should be creamy and indulgent. I like to use brown sugar as sweetener because of the caramelly flavour it gives, but the recipe would work equally well with honey. If you have other delicious ideas for mix-ins and dippers, please leave a comment.

Cream cheese dip (1 person)

3 tbsp light cream cheese
1 tbsp brown sugar
a few drops of vanilla extract
a mix-in (for example a pinch of cinnamon, 20 gram small bits of chocolate (any kind you like), tsp of cocoa powder, few drops coffee extract*, tbsp of chopped nuts (any kind you like), etc)
a dipper (for example thin slices of apple or pear, grapes, biscuits (for example lady fingers), dried fruit, meringues, etc)

Mix the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. Stir through the mix-in. Serve immediately together with the dippers.

*you can make coffee extract yourself very easily. Make very strong coffee or espresso, pour it into a sauce pan, place on low heat and leave to evaporate the water slowly. The coffee should not boil, because it makes the coffee bitter. You end up with an almost syruppy liquid, not palatable on its own, but capable of flavouring large amounts. I also use it for flavouring buttercream.

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