Soto Ayam

Soto ayam is a simple Indonesian chicken soup. There are much more elaborate recipes for this dish, but I always make this soup as simple as possible to make a fast, healthy, and simple meal. I love making my own stock, but in this case I use a stock cube (or other bouillon base) for speed and convenience.
I love the salty and slightly spicy broth filled with lots of tauge (bean sprouts), spring onions, chicken, cooked egg and the contrasting crispy onions. It is a filling dish, but also very light, and perfect for hot days. But also when the weather is cold it is nice to eat a steaming hot bowl of soup.

Soto ayam (1 big serving)
500 ml water
1 chicken stock cube
1 chicken breast, cubed

100 gram tauge
2 spring onions, sliced
chilli powder
1 egg, boiled and quartered
fried onions (store bought)

Bring the water to the boil with the stock cube. Add the chicken cubes, cook until almost done. Then add the tauge and spring onion. Cook until the chicken is done and the vegetables still crispy. Season with salt and chilli powder to taste, the soup should be quite salty and not too spicy.
Put the quartered egg on the bottom of a serving bowl. Spoon over the soup. Top with fried onions and serve very hot.

Variation: use ham and omelet instead of chicken and cooked egg.

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