Potatoes with bacon, onion, mushrooms and cheese

There is a brand in the Netherlands that makes all sorts of things with potatoes. One of their products is a range of frozen potato dishes with add-ins based on different foreign countries/dishes. And actually, their ideas are quite good, but… their execution is very poor. I especially like the idea of the Swiss version, it contains small potato bits, bacon, onion, mushrooms and bacon. But it sits all in one bag, so you prepare it together as well, which causes the add-ins to be overcooked when the potatoes are crispy (or you have nice add-ins but soggy potatoes). And the add-ins are just not of great quality and there is only a small amount of them. So even though I like the idea of this product, I never buy it because it is just not nice to eat.

Later on I figured I could perfectly make it myself with good products and in separate pans, so I did, with great results. As portions are completely up to personal preferences, I will just give the description without a real recipe. Start with frying some lardons. Meanwhile slice the onions, mushrooms and cheese (I used belegen farmhouse Gouda). Make fried potatoes the way and shape you like (this time I shallow fried frozen precooked slices of potatoes). When the bacon is ready, take it out onto a plate and use the bacon fat to slowly cook/caramelize the onion. When those are ready, take them out and put together with the bacon. Probably a little bit of bacon fat will be left in the pan, which you can use to fry the mushrooms (use a hot pan). Add the lardons and bacon back in, and add the cubes of cheese as well. Mix and serve together with the potatoes (either mixed or separate), mayonnaise (as dip for the potatoes) and a refreshing salad. The timing depends on how you prepare your potatoes/if you use raw or precooked, and the type of lardons (the good stuff takes quite a bit longer to fry).

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