Potato salad and broccoli with feta

Potato salad is one of my favourite fast meals, especially in summer, because there is not much cooking involved and it is very nice to eat lukewarm. And if you use cubed cooked potato instead of the fancy small potatoes in their skins, it is even a very budget dish. I usually eat it as a main dish, but you can also serve it as a side-salad at a barbecue or take it to a potluck.
The dressing for the potatoes is basically the mayonnaise-yoghurt dressing that I also use in other salads and as a dipping sauce, it is a very versatile dressing because it works with almost anything, and because of the addition of yoghurt it is more light and fresh than most of the mayonnaise based dressings.
The feta crumbled over the plain cooked broccoli is a way to make the broccoli nicer. I don’t like plain vegetables very much, they are just plain and boring if I don’t have anything to combine them with. So a bit of feta fixes this.

Potato salad (2 main courses)
500 gram potato (big: peeled and cubed; small: scrubbed and halved)
100 gram bacon
2 eggs
3 medium sized gherkins, finely diced
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons yoghurt
splash of lemon juice
splash of Worcestershire sauce
salt, pepper, garlic powder
Optional: onion, finely diced (raw or cooked); mustard

Cook the potatoes. Fry the bacon. Cook the eggs (not too soft). Mix the other ingredients into a dressing. Add the bacon (and if you like, the bacon fat) and the potatoes when they are still warm. In this way they will absorb the dressing, which is very nice. Peel and chop up the eggs, mix in with the rest. Serve immediately or leave to cool.

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