Picnic loaf with tuna

Stuffing delicious ingredients into a loaf is a great idea. The picnic loaf I made before was a bit more mediterranean, while this one is a bit more Dutch, but both are very jummy!

Picnic Loaf with Tuna

Picnic loaf with tuna (serves 2 as a main, 4 as a lunch/picnic dish)
Adapted from allerhande

1 petit beurre (small rustic loaf)
2 eggs 7
1 baby romaine lettuce 1 6 11
1 tomato 2
4 tbsp dijonnaise 3 8
3 gherkins 5
110 g tuna 9
salt and pepper4 10

Slice the top from the loaf and take most of the crumb out. Reserve for another dish.
Layer the ingredients (pack everything well to fit it in): a few leafs of lettuce, a few slices of tomato, 2 tbsp dijonnaise, salt and pepper, the slices of gherkin, a few leafs of lettuce, the slices of egg, a sprinkle of salt, 2 tbsp dijonnaise, the tuna, salt and pepper, and finish with a few leafs of lettuce (there are numbers behind the ingredients in the sequence of packing the ingredients). Place the top back on top, and serve immediately. Alternatively, wrap in cling film and place in the fridge for a maximum of 1 day.

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