Never-failing cake recipe

I like cakes. Cakes are simple to bake and good for any occasion. You can keep it very simple, or make a chique version. When I make a cake, I always use this recipe. It never fails me and works for cupcakes and bigger cakes. It is a nice, moist cake who keeps well.

Add-ons to the batter:

– vanilla or vanilla sugar
– lime/lemon/orange zest
– raisins or other dried fruit (apricot is very nice!)
– fruit (apple, pear, banana, pineapple, blueberries, etc)
– nuts (mixed nuts or one sort like almonds or walnuts)
– a mixture of dried fruits and nuts
– swap 30 gram flower for 30 gram cocoa powder

Add-ons afterwards:

– frosting
– whipped cream
– jam or marmelade
– chocolate ganache

Basic recipe (1 cake or lots of cupcakes)

200 gram butter (soft)
200 gram sugar
pinch of salt
4 medium sized eggs (or 3 large ones)
200 gram self-raising flower

Use an electrical mixer. You can make cake batter by hand, but I think the results are better when you use an electrical mixer.

Cream the butter, salt and sugar, until pale and fluffy. Don’t over-haste, this stage is essential for a good, light cake. Add an egg, mix until the batter absorbs it. Add another egg, let it absorb, do the same with the last two eggs. The mixture can split in this stage, I found it doesn’t have effect on the final result. Make sure you mix the batter very well after adding the last egg. You have to have a pale, very very airy mixture. This is very important for the final result. Fold the self-raising flower in, very careful not to loose any of the air in the batter. Put the butter in a greased and flowered mold, bake for about an hour/hour and a half on 180 degrees Celcius. Don’t open the door of the oven while baking, the cake will collapse. When you insert a skewer and it comes out clean, your cake is done. Cupcakes need 20-30 minutes on the same temperature.

Use the same ratio (50-50-50 sugar/butter/flower and one egg) to make more or less batter.

You can switch the butter for margarine, but the butter gives the cake lots of flavour, so I don’t recommend the swap.

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