Muesli and fruit breakfast

A delicious and healthy breakfast!

Although I love (fat-free) Greek yoghurt, I don’t really like it in this recipe, because it doesn’t mix very well with the other ingredients because it is quite thick. Therefore I use a more liquid, not too acidic yoghurt as alternative. I find the standard muesli you can buy in the supermarket a bit boring (and it tends to be a bit stale as well), so I either buy a premium brand (like dorset or eat natural), or I buy something from the whole foods shop, that has a more in it than only oats and raisins. Use broken linseed and not whole linseed, because it has a hard shell that you cannot digest, so you don’t absorb any nutrients from a whole linseed, it just passes through you whole. You can either crack them yourself, or buy them already broken (but keep in mind they tend to turn rancid quite fast). And you can use any bran you like, I use wheat bran, but oat bran is also very nice if you can find it.

Muesli and Fruit Breakfast

Muesli and fruit breakfast (serves 2)

1 apple
1 kiwi
1 small orange (or a mandarin or minneola)
2 slices of pineapple (preferably fresh or from a can on juice, not on syrup)

300 ml mild yoghurt
90 g muesli
2 tbsp broken linseed
2 tbsp bran

Core the apple and slice in small cubes. Peel and core the kiwi, slice in small cubes. Peel the orange, slice in small cubes. Slice the pineapple slices in small cubes. Mix all the fruit together and divide over two bowls. Divide the yoghurt between the two bowls, then sprinkle over the muesli, linseed and bran. Eat immediately.

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