Mild green tomato chutney

At the end of the growing season, tomato plants almost always have lots of green tomatoes on them, that will not ripen any more. You can lay them in your window sill and hope that they will ripen there, but unless they already have some colour, that doesn’t work very well. Luckily you can make really tasty (sweet, sour, sharp, spicy) chutney with green tomatoes!


Mild green tomato chutney (~ 4 jars)
Adapted from “Buiten Wonen – Felix Thijssen”

1 kg green/unripe tomatoes
500 g tart cooking apples
200 g raisins
250 g onions
250 g sugar
1 tbsp sambal oelek (or fresh chilli)
1/2 tbsp grated fresh ginger
1/2 tsp dried ginger powder
1 tsp salt
400 ml apple cider vinegar

Cut the tomatoes in pieces. Core and peel the apples, cut in pieces. Chop the onions.
Put everything together in a large pan (preferably thick-bottomed), bring to the boil and leave simmering, stirring occasionally, until it is reduced and jam-y. When the chutney appears thick enough, make a channel with a wooden spoon across its surface. If it leaves a channel imprinted for a few seconds without being filled by spare vinegar, it is ready. This can take quite a while.
Pour hot into clean, sterilized jars. Close the lids, leave to cool and stick a label on them.
Leave to mature for at least 2 weeks, but 3 months is best to let them mellow, they tend to be to vinegary and harsh otherwise. Can be kept for at least a year in a cool, dark place. Store opened jars in the fridge and use within 4 weeks.

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