Meal planning: masterlist

I wrote before about meal planning on this blog, but nowadays it is even more important because my husband and I are both quite a bit more busy. Often, in the weekends we are completely uninspired about what to eat, so we end up not planning anything and eating junk all week. Luckily I stumbled upon a pin on pinterest that linked to someones meal planning system. I only plan our evening meals, but she also planned the breakfasts, lunches and snacks, which is indeed very useful when you’re not like us (we eat the same breakfasts, lunch and snack every day, so not much planning involved). But the brilliant thing she suggested was making a masterlist of your meals. I already had an overview of what we ate the last 2 years, because I kept the planning, but this is not something you can easily use to decide what to eat the next week. So I took the old planning and wrote down every dish we like and eat regular. Then I divided them into categories (rice, pasta, potatoes, couscous/grains, protein, hot vegetables, cold vegetables/salads, bread, soup and other), and divided each category in dishes that are complete and dishes that need sides (or that are sides). I also added a page for recipe ideas and things that I want to try out. Then I printed the whole thing. So now we can just check the list when we feel uninspired, and usually there are enough things on there that we fancy. This method works great to remember dishes that you like, but don’t cook that often. For us it is really an improvement of our meal planning strategy, we eat healthier and more varied, and it also helps to keep the budget in check.

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