Indian espresso coffee

I’ve seen this thing called Indian espresso coffee passing by for a long time on all kinds of blogs before I gave it a try. I could not imagine that something like this would be tasty, with the coffee powder instead of real coffee, and with the sugar (I hate sugar in my coffee), and with all that milk it is certainly not an espresso. But when I gave it a try, I liked it a lot!

The principle is very simple. You add a tablespoon of instant coffee powder/granules and a tablespoon of sugar to a tall mug (you can adjust the amounts to your taste). You wet it with a few drops of water, just to get it going, and then you beat the hell out of it. It is suggested to do it with a spoon, but I found that a fork works much better. The mixture start dark and sandy, but the more you beat it, the paler and fluffier it gets. It can easily increase a 4-fold in volume, it is like magic, it just gets really stiff and frothy. After beating 5-10 minutes (according to how frothy you want it) you add hot milk. And voila, your sweet coffee beverage is ready.

Indian espresso coffee is often described as a cross between espresso and cappuccino. I think that is not true, both real espresso and cappuccino are made with freshly brewed espresso from good quality, and cappuccino has microfoam milk froth. Indian espresso coffee doesn’t suffice to these criteria. But it does taste better than instant cappuccino, it kicks a punch, it has generous amounts of caffeine in there, but still is nice and creamy. And when making it you can beat out your frustration. So it is the perfect accompaniment when you need to study or meet a deadline or something like that. But I do think that the drink will benefit from good instant coffee powder… as far as that is possible.

Indian Espresso Coffee

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