Hazelnut Affogato

A faster dessert than affogato is virtually impossible. You scoop some ice-cream in a glass, pour some liqueur over it, then pour a shot of (just made) hot espresso over it and serve it immediately, so that the ice-cream isn’t molten yet. And it’s delicious!
Traditionally there is no liqueur in it and is it made with vanilla ice-cream, but my variant used a hazelnut liqueur and hazelnut ice-cream to make a hazelnut affogato. Keep in mind that, as with all simple dishes, the quality and taste of your ingredients will make or break this dessert. You need good coffee, good ice-cream and good liqueur, otherwise it will taste cheap and/or inferior. The amounts of everything depend on what size glass you use. how boozy you want it to be and how large you want the dessert to be, but I used medium glasses, 1 scoop of ice-cream, 1/2 shot liqueur and 1 shot espresso.


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