Fruit delice and chocolate pear cake

Delice (fruit-moussetaart)

This delice consist of three layers. The first is a sponge layer, soaked with simple syrup and fruit puree. The second is a mousse layer, made with cream, Italian meringue, fruit puree (in this case forest fruits) and fruit juice/liqueur, all set lightly with gelatin. The top is a fruit glace, made with a mixture of fruit puree and simple syrup. It tastes really fruity, creamy and light as a dream. The amount of gelatin is just right, so that the mousse is barely set, making it even lighter. You can find the recipe of this tart in James Martins Dessert book.

Pear and chocolate cake

This pear and chocolate cake is a variation on my basic cake recipe. Just make half a recipe of cake batter, spread it out in a tin and neatly arrange slices of pear on top. It is best to push them down a bit to prevent the edges to burn. Because the cake is much thinner than normal, it only needs 30-45 minutes to bake. After lettingĀ  the cake cool down, you can melt some chocolate, put it in a piping bag with a small hole, and decorate the cake with it. The combination of cake, pear and chocolate works great!

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