Fish wrapped in ham with grilled asparagus and beans

Two ways to enhance the flavour of products that can otherwise be a bit bland or boring.
By wrapping a white fish in raw ham (like serrano, prosciutto, etc) you add a meaty and salty flavour which enhances the mild flavour of the fish, and gives a nice contrast between the crispy ham and the soft fish flesh. You can do this with any white fish. Do make sure you use thin slices of ham and don’t wrap it too thickly, because it is a thin line between enhancing the flavour of the fish and completely overpowering it. This is also a good recipe for people who find fish a bit fishy.
By roasting vegetables you add a depth of flavour to them that they would not otherwise have. In this recipe I used green beans and green asparagus, but you can grill broccoli and brussel sprouts in the same way. Just make sure you pre-cook the until they are just underdone, because they will cook through further when you are grilling them, and you don’t want mushy vegetables.

Fish wrapped in ham with grilled veggies

Fish wrapped in ham with grilled asparagus and beans (serves 2)
1 piece of white fish (about 200-300 gram, I used cod)
50 gram of thinly sliced raw ham (I used prosciutto crudo)

200 gram of green beans, cleaned
200 gram of green asparagus, cleaned

Wrap the fish in the ham. Cook the vegetables until just underdone. Heat a pan on medium heat. Place the wrapped fish in the pan and cook the fish a few minutes on either side until the ham is crispy and the fish cooked (the exact times depend completely on the kind of fish you chose and the thickness of the piece). Meanwhile, heat a pan on high heat. Place the green beans and asparagus in the pan. Leave them for a minute, shake the pan and leave again for a minute. They should have some charred/caramelized bits, but should not be burned. Serve immediately.

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