Finished Project: Sock Madness 10 Round 1

This year I’m taking part in Sock Madness for the first time. It is a world-wide speed sock knitting competition, this year it has a 1000+ contestants. The first round is a qualifying round, you had to finish this pair in 2 weeks to be able to take part in the rest of the game. The next rounds, you will be part of a team, and each round the slowest knitters will drop out. The last round goes between the fastest knitter of each team. You only get the pattern when the round starts, and the patterns get more complicated each round as well.

For me, knitting this pair in 2 weeks was already a bit of a push, so I’m expecting I’ll not get very far in the competition. But it’s so much fun! I’m knitting things I would never choose myself that turn out to be lots of fun, I’m learning lots of new techniques and it’s incredibly social too, lots of chatter and helping each other and sharing tips and fun.
Click here for the official Sock Madness group for more information.




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