Far Breton

Far breton is a classic French dish from the region of Brittany. It is similar to a clafoutis or a flan, it is an eggs-and-milk custard with flour added, and usually prunes or raisins are added. It is quite dense and heavy, and therefore quite filling as well. I had it quite some years back, when I was on holiday in Brittany, and instantly liked it a lot. But it took me until now to make it at home… It is not traditional, but you can soak the prunes in rum before adding them to the dish.

Far breton avec pruneaux (serves 6-8)
From Cuisine et Vins de France

130 g sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar
5 eggs
220 g flour
750 ml milk
pinch of salt
25 g butter, soft + 25 g butter, soft + extra to grease form
300 g dried plums/prunes (without stones)

Grease a spring-form (make sure it doesn’t leak) or baking dish. Preheat the oven to 180C.
Mix sugar, vanilla sugar and eggs together with a hand mixer. Gradually add the flour, the milk, a pinch of salt, and 25 g butter. Stop mixing when the mixture is a smooth batter.
Put the dried plums in the baking dish. Pour the batter over.
Place in the preheated oven and cook for 30 minutes. Divide the other 25 g of butter over the top of the far 5 minutes before the end of cooking time. Use a knife to check if the far is cooked, if it comes out barely humid it is cooked. If not, bake a little longer. Leave to cool completely before serving.

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