Dutch Food: Old Dutch Candy


What you see:
– peppermints from the famous Dutch brand “Wilhelmina”, named after then princess (1892) and later queen Wilhelmina from the Netherlands
– Koetjesreep (literally little cow bar), a candybar made with less than 35% cocoa, so it can’t be called chocolate
– mini candy stick (sweet-sour)
– Stroopsoldaatje (literally syrup soldier), candy made from caramel and a little butter poured into baking paper cones (you can do this yourself). They can be quite dangerous, because you can stab yourself quite nasty with the point (that gets sharper when you suck on it).
– Salmiak powder (also known as black/white powder): liqorice in powder form.
– Bakkes vol (literally mouth full), vanilla toffee
– A jar with assorted candy: pear drups (sweet hard candy in drop/pear shape), raspberries (small raspberry boiled sweets), napoleons (lemon boiled sweets with sour liquid middle), butter balls (hard outside, powdery buttery inside), mint pillows, cinnamon pillows, Haagse hopjes (coffee candy), haverstro (really don’t know why they are called “oatstraw”, but they are made from liqorice and sugar), hot lightning (quite pungent aniseed flavoured hard candy), babbelaars (butter candy) and tumtum (small, soft and chewy, fruity).

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