Dutch Food: fried fish with potatoes and vegetables

Potatoes with meat and vegetables is a typical traditional Dutch dish (nowadays it is often regarded as a bit old-fashioned). I always find the same dish with fish a bit more luxurious, so it is nice to serve cooked baby potatoes dressed with butter, salt and chopped parsley instead of the normal cooked potatoes smashed with jus (‘prakje’). Also, from fish you get no gravy, so you need something else to flavour and moisten your potatoes. To complete it, I like to add a splash of cream to my vegetables. I will not give a recipe here, everyone can cook potatoes and vegetables (and otherwise a basic cookbook or google will help greatly) and the best way to cook the fish is entirely dependent on the kind of fish you choose (be sure to choose something with the MSC or ASC label!). Use as much butter, cream and seasoning as you like.
I used cod (that is why it flakes a bit), baby potatoes with skin and a vegetable mix with cauliflower (which crumbled terribly), broccoli and carrot. But potatoes without skin are equally nice, and as vegetables pea&carrot or carrot&mangetout would be very nice as well.

fried fish with potatoes and vegetables

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