Dutch food: filled oliebollen

You can make oliebollen, the traditional Dutch snack for new years eve, plain or with raisins/currants/apple as filling, but you can also bake plain oliebollen and fill them after baking. Slice them open and pipe pastry cream in them to make a Berliner bol (not to be confused with the German Berliner), finish with a swirl of whipped cream if you like. All kinds of fruit fillings, for example cherry, pineapple, banana, boerenjongens (brandy-soaked raisins) and strawberry can be found as well, and sometimes pastry cream and/or whipped cream are added as well. But actually, I don’t really like this filled oliebollen at all. When you buy them at the oliebollen stands they are usually prepared way in advanced, which makes them soggy and less tasty. At home, it is difficult to cater to everyone’s preferences, and because they need to be freshly made, you spend more time in the kitchen than with your guest. And last but not least: they are impossible to eat. When you take a bit, all the filling squirts out, and there is nothing to do about that. Clumsy as I am, the filling then always lands on a place highly unsuitable, then you have to clean it, etc. Not much fun in that. So give it a try if you’re curious, they still sell all these variations at the oliebollen stands, so there must be people who like them, and maybe you’re one of those. But I’ll stick to my home-made, freshly baked, plain and raisin-apple oliebollen for new years eve!

Berliner bollen

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