Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs (or, as we call them in the Netherlands, stuffed eggs): hard-boiled eggs, shelled, cut in half and filled with the egg yolks mixed with other ingredients; served cold, as a side dish or appetizer and a common holiday or party food. There are even special plates available with dimples to present the eggs on, so that they don’t slide over the plate. They are a bit old-fashioned, but I love them.

The most basic version is made with only a few ingredients. The yolks are mashed and mixed with mayonnaise to make a thick filling, which is seasoned with salt and pepper, and optionally some chopped herbs. This mixture is then scooped or piped back into the egg whites. Herbs (for example chives, dill or parsley) or spices (paprika, curry powder) can be used to garnish the eggs.

Deviled Eggs

But there are lots of variations possible, which can be combined as well:
– fishy eggs: add some canned tuna/salmon or anchovies to the mixture
– spice it up: add some mustard, vinegar, worcestershiresauce, lemon juice or cayenne pepper to the mixture
– everyone loves bacon: fry some thin slices of bacon, crumble and add to the mixture. Garnish with a bit of bacon
– green eggs: mash some avocado together with the egg yolks
– French eggs: use creme fraiche instead of mayonnaise
– spring eggs: add soft goats cheese, green herbs and garnish with spring onion
– Italian eggs: add pesto to the egg yolk mixture

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