Recently I’ve bought a crêpe-pan, so of course I had to bake crêpes, and decided to use a real French crêpe recipe. They contain a lot more egg and sugar than the Dutch pancakes I’m used to, which gives them a completely different flavour and texture. They are quite chewy, but in a nice way, and quite sweet as well. They keep really well, they don’t turn soggy or anything.

Officially, you keep crêpes quite pale when baking, but I like them with a bit more colour. I used them to make a pancake-cake, with a filling made with equal amounts of sweetened crème de marrons from a can and whipped cream, stabilized with klopfix. But you can also serve them with jam, (powdered/brown) sugar, lemon, chocolate, nutella, cream, fruit compote, fresh fruit, maple syrup, or anything else you fancy.


Crêpes (about 12, depending on the size of your pan and the thickness of the crêpes)
Slightly adapted from “Ripailles – Stéphane Reynaud

4 eggs
200 g flour
250 ml milk
60 g sugar
50 g butter, melted

Mix the eggs and flour really well to avoid lumps. Then add the milk, sugar and melted butter and whisk until combined. I like to heat the milk a little as well, to prevent the butter from getting hard again.
Heat a crêpe pan (or a frying pan) and oil lightly. Pour a little of the batter in the pan, spread out and fry on medium heat until the top is dry. Turn over, and cook the other side. Keep the colour very pale. Let the crêpe slide out onto a plate and repeat until all the batter is used.

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