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Garden Update March

Spring is in the air, so it is time to get into the garden again. We had a garden makeover, so this year we have a lot more space to grow the things we want to grow. I think it will be amazing! Most of the work at the moment is inside, I did a lot of planning and sowed a few trays full of all kinds of different herbs and vegetables.



Seed Box

When I started my garden adventure, I only had a few baggies of seeds. Storing them together in a ziplock bag worked fine. But then I bought some seeds for other interesting vegetable varieties, wanted to grow some herbs too, and some flowers would be pretty too… Also, most baggies contain way too much seeds to use up in one year. So the result was the mess below:


I wasn’t really happy about that, but I didn’t have a good solution. I found some suggestions online, but they were either not really a solution, or rather expensive. And then I saw a picture of a seed box made from two shoe boxes on pinterest. That was an ideal solution, I’ve got enough old boxes around, it’s cheap and easy, and it fits in the closet where I keep my seeds.


For making one yourself, you need 2 shoe boxes (or other suitable boxes), a scissor, glue and some tape. Cut dividers for the first box from the second box, make them slightly higher/broader and fold the excess, put glue on the excess and stick the dividers in the box. Make extra secure with some tape. If you want, you can put category names on the dividers, I didn’t because I did not know yet which categories I need.

Garden Update Week 39

It is autumn, and the garden-season has come to an end. Most of the vegetables have been harvested and/or don’t produce any more. And most of the flowers blooming season is over as well. Last weekend, we picked the tomatoes that were left on the vines, even though most of them were greenish. They just don’t ripen any more, so they’ll become green tomato chutney. The garden updates will get back next year in spring, when there is something to be told/shown again.

Garden Update Week 37




Garden Update Week 36




Garden Update Week 35





Garden Update Week 34





Garden Update Week 33




Garden Update Week 32



Garden Update Week 31

No photo’s this week, because it is raining, raining, and raining even more. Nice for the garden (it was very dry), not so nice for being outside. Most flowers are in bloom, we have a steady harvest of herbs, lettuce and sugar snaps, and the tomato plant makes lots of tomatoes (that hopefully will ripen). The beets don’t grow very well, the carrots don’t seem to grow well either (but it is a difficult crop to check on) and the courgette plants flower, but don’t grow courgettes. Apparently the courgette is a vining variety, but it has grown completely into itself, making a complicated knot of stalks, which is not ideal. Next year I’ll grow a bush variety again, much easier.