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Finished Project: Sock Madness 10 Round 1

This year I’m taking part in Sock Madness for the first time. It is a world-wide speed sock knitting competition, this year it has a 1000+ contestants. The first round is a qualifying round, you had to finish this pair in 2 weeks to be able to take part in the rest of the game. The next rounds, you will be part of a team, and each round the slowest knitters will drop out. The last round goes between the fastest knitter of each team. You only get the pattern when the round starts, and the patterns get more complicated each round as well.

For me, knitting this pair in 2 weeks was already a bit of a push, so I’m expecting I’ll not get very far in the competition. But it’s so much fun! I’m knitting things I would never choose myself that turn out to be lots of fun, I’m learning lots of new techniques and it’s incredibly social too, lots of chatter and helping each other and sharing tips and fun.
Click here for the official Sock Madness group for more information.




Finished Project: Neon Berry Socks

Lace and cable socks in neon berry red sock wool.



Finished Project: Warm Slipper Socks

Winter has arrived in the Netherlands, with lots of snow and freezing temperatures. Until now, winter was just like autumn, not too cold and quite a bit of rain and sad weather. Luckily, I finished my warm slipper socks right in time to prevent cold feet. I don’t really like normal slippers, so knitting up a pair of warm socks with thick yarn and wearing them over my normal thin cotton socks is a great alternative. The yarn is a mix of wool, nylon and acryl, so I’m hoping it is quite durable.


Finished Projects: Two Shawls


A lovely wrap made with a soft merino-cotton blend.


A fluffy scarf with lots of drape made with a silk and alpaca blend.

Finished Projects: Baby Bear Hat and Sock Minders

Lots of people are expecting babies in my surroundings, so I’m rather busy with knitting presents for them. This baby bear hat and sock minders (a contraption that keeps the socks of a baby on, which is apparently a problem – you can buy them under the brand name sock-ons) are for one of them. The hat is made with a 100% cotton yarn, the sock minders are made with a sock yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide – superwash).


Finished project: cabled baby hat

A cabled baby hat made from simple cotton (so that it can be washed well), as a present for an acquaintance who will be having a baby soon.


Finished Project: Phone Sock

I like some extra protection for my telephone, so I use a phone sock. But the old one was worn completely, so I had to make a new one. I found this nice textured pattern suitable for a bit of yarn I had leftover. I’m curious how long this one will survive.


Finished Project: Spring Festival Shawl

Spring Festival Shawl

Finished project: crocodile stitch baby booties

I like crocheting/knitting stuff for babies, because it is fast, you don’t need much yarn, it is a nice way to learn new techniques and you can always make people happy with the project as a gift.

Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties

Homemade by Ena as well: garden and crafts

Food is not the only thing I make. I knit and crochet, and grow all kinds of produce in my garden. I decided that these things also deserve a place on my blog. Therefore you can expect regular garden updates from now on, and posts about finished knit/crochet projects.

At our new house we have a much larger garden than at our old house. But the person living here before us did not grow fruit, vegetables and herbs, so it will take loads of work to change part of the garden to a vegetable plot. We decided to wait with this big project until next year, so that we can get to know the garden this year, and will know better if the plans we have will work. For now, I created a small herb garden by removing some ornamental plants, and I will create some space for vegetables by moving some ornamental plants to other spots. I’m really happy that I do have the space to grow some (cutting) flowers, something I did not have in our old garden. I love flowers, but I always hesitate to buy them, so growing them myself would probably work very good.

The little herb garden I created; there is some space to sow a few more herbs when the weather is warmer.

The little herb garden I created; there is some space to sow a few more herbs when the weather is warmer. At the moment it contains thyme, rosemary, oregano, leaf celery, flat and curly parsley and chives. It all looks a bit barren because it still is quite early in the year, but the plants were outside the whole winter (in containers), so I expect them to survive.

The past few weeks there was a promotion where you got a small pot with earth and seeds at the supermarket. It's not great quality, but I've sown them anyway, and will see what comes of it.

The past few weeks there was a promotion where you got a small pot with earth and seeds at the supermarket. It’s not great quality, but I’ve sown them anyway, and will see what comes of it. And yes, I miss a few (I had quite some varieties double).


Generally I work on one crochet project and one knitting project at the same time, so that I can switch between them. I try not to work on more than two projects at a time, because I do like to finish things every once in a while. I’ve got quite a stash of beautiful yarns and a long list of projects for them, and it is lovely to finish something, but most of the fun is in the knitting/crocheting itself. I find it very relaxing.

Shell Mesh Scarf from 100% silk yarn (crochet)

My most recent finished project, a scarf from 100% silk yarn (crochet)