Healthy Aperture
Websites that either get recipes submitted or search for them theirselves, but with the same results: lots of foodie pictures on one website, with links to the original posts.

Joe Pastry
A very good website on all sorts of pastry and backgrounds, for example on different kinds of flours, mixing methods and leavening agents. But also lots of recipes. Very thorough.

Cake Journal
Sugar Belle
A bunch of websites on cake and cookie decorating.

BBC food
I love the British TV cooks. I watch “Saturday Kitchen” each saturday, follow “Masterchef” and “Great British Menu” and all the other cooking programs. And all the amazing recipes can be found on the BBC web page.

Great British Chefs
A website by British chefs cooking in high end restaurant, a great website for good quality recipes and inspiration for presentation.

The British Larder
Design food to drool over.

Smitten Kitchen
This is one of the first food-sites I started to follow, and I still follow it. I really like the posts, they are simple, elegant and very inspiring.

Wateetons (Dutch)
A funny (but informative) blog about the adventures, experiments and creations of Mister Wateetons.

Dagelijkse Kost (Dutch)
The website of one of my favourite chefs Jeroen Meus and his program on the Belgium television, Dagelijkse Kost. He makes something every day, always very different from the day before and very delicious.