Cup conversions

In the Netherlands the metric system is used for measuring ingredients, we use a scale to weight ingredients in grams. Most scales also have a setting for ounces and pounds, so you don’t have to convert (old fashioned) British and American recipes with a calculator. Unfortunately, some parts of the world still work with the less precise cup measurements for dry ingredients. Because it relies on volume, and volume depends on filling a cup loose or packed, the weight (and thus the exact amount) of a cup of something can differ greatly. Every once in a while I do want to make a recipe that uses cups, but I don’t like having to convert recipes, so I bought a set of measuring cups. I sprinkle the ingredient in the cup, don’t pack it and I do level it. For the people that don’t have measuring cups I weighted some ingredients myself, so you can convert the recipes if you want to.

1 cup = 240 ml fluids = 240 gram fluids

1 cup butter = 225 gram
1 cup chocolate chips = 200 gram

1 cup flour = 120 gram (all purpose/self-raising/whole wheat)

1 cup oats = 100 gram

1 cup sugar = 225 gram (granulated white/raw cane)
1 cup brown sugar = 180 gram