Blini with cream cheese and salmon

Blini with cream cheese and salmon is a classic, perfect on parties or as appetizer. Do keep in mind that blini are nicest when you serve them fresh. I used plain cream cheese, but you could season it with herbs (chives would be delicious) or horseradish. I used hot-smoked salmon, alternatively you can use cold-smoked salmon, but also smoked mackerel. I’m not a big fan of using caviar since it’s not really sustainable. But if you can find (imitation) caviar that is, go ahead. You could also top the blini with herring salad, or guacamole (as a vegetarian alternative). You could even do a sweet variety, with honey-sweetened cream cheese and fruit as topping. But you do need something to put on top of them, plain they are quite boring, they come to life with a topping.


Blini with cream cheese and salmon (makes about 40)
from “Marie Claire De Ultieme Keuken – Michelle Cranston”

100 g flour
70 g buckwheat flour
3/4 tsp dry yeast
pinch of salt
200 ml milk
2 eggs, separated
2 tbsp sour cream (or yoghurt)
butter/oil for frying

50-185 g cream cheese (amount depending on how generous you want to be)
200-400 g smoked salmon (amount depending on how generous you want to be)

Mix both flours, yeast and salt. Add the milk and mix well. Leave to rise for 1 hour on room temperature, or overnight in the fridge.
Mix the egg yolks and sour cream through the batter. Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks and fold them into the batter. Leave to rise for 30 minutes.
Grease a frying pin with butter or oil, scoop dollops of the batter in it and turn over when bubbles form on the surface. Cook for another minute, or until brown. Medium heat usually works best.
Dollop cream cheese on, and place the smoked salmon on top. Serve immediately.

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