Bacon and egg salad

This recipe is perfect if you fancy a side-salad that is a bit more substantial than just the standard dressed salad leaves, or as a simple starter. Besides, bacon and egg make everything better, so why not salad? I can imagine this very well as a starter or side for a Christmas diner, certainly because it can be made in advance. Just prepare your lettuce, prepare your dressing, cook and peel the eggs (cut them when serving) and bake the bacon in the morning, then mix everything when ready to serve. Some people like to make a hot bacon fat dressing, but I am not one of them, so I leave the choice of dressing to you (I think a bit of oil and vinegar is enough). I do like to serve this salad on individual plates, as the egg quarters and bacon bits tend to sink to the bottom of the salad bowl, which makes it difficult for everyone to get a bit of egg and bacon with their lettuce elegantly.

Bacon and egg salad (2 servings)

100 gram lettuce of choice
2 eggs
100 gram bacon
dressing of choice
optional: other vegetables like cucumber, tomato, etc.

Cook the egg: I have medium eggs, place them in hot water from the tap, bring them to the boil, turn the heat down to just boiling to prevent the eggs from breaking and cook them for 6 minutes. When ready, I cool them under the running cold water tap and leave them for a few minutes to cool. In this way the egg yolk is nice and soft, but not runny. Peel the eggs and slice them in quarters.
Meanwhile, slice the bacon in lardons, bake them in a frying pan until crisp. Wash the lettuce and dry it in a lettuce centrifuge (otherwise your salad will be watery, ick).
When ready to serve, mix the lettuce (and the other vegetables when using) with the dressing, divide onto serving plates, place the egg quarters on top and sprinkle over the bacon.

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